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A GREAT CHOICE HEALTH &  DISABILITY INSURANCE - Affordable Health care and Medicare Supplement now available
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Affordable Care Act.
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Affordable Care Act.

March Deadline

Remember the deadline for registering for your health insurance is coming March 31, 2014. Choose your health care plan today. Let me help you with your quest. Avoid a fine. Get your health insurance today. Thank you

Dental Insurance and Affordable Care Act

Don't depend on Obamacare for affordable dental care coverage. Get your own.

Dental Insurance. Vision. Chiropractor and more

Many people are not aware that in most cases it is cheaper to get dental insurance  separate from their insurance plan. Most insurance plans charge from 20 dollars and up for dental per weekly deduction from your payroll check. You can get dental insurance for less than 100 dollars annually, and now most companies will give you extras like prescription and vision at the same low price. Before you sign up for a dental plan go to  You will get dental and much more.


Here is help with your medical expenses. This is not insurance, no. AmeriPlan will help  discount rates on your services and much more. discounts up to 80% . Please visit the link at
I hope it will be of great help

Obamacare Read fine print

Please look policy through Access health,, and all agency providing Obamacare. Please check for the deductible and out of pocket expenses. Chances are if you have a reasonable cheap policy your deductible and or copay with be at a higher rate. Please shop around before making a commitment. 
For help with out of pocket  expenses, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
Thank you, and shop wisely. 

Affordable care Act

Please check rates before buying on the exchange.  Get on and get educated so that you will choose the right policy. please compare them with those not on exchange before purchasing.  Please read your policies carefully to see if you will need supplement insurance to cover your deductibles, co-pays, and other out of pocket expenses. 
Please read it carefully to see what is covered and what's not. God bless you all. 

Affordable Care Act

Here is more information on the Affordable Care Act. I hope it will give you some clarity and understanding of what's going on with health care
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